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We specialize in providing clinical laboratory testing in the convenience of your home. You get free expert nutrition guidance to help optimize your health, too.

Why do Clinical Laboratory Blood Testing?

There is MORE than an 80% chance that you have food or chemical intolerances that you don't know about. Eating foods that drag down your immune system can cause sleep problems, weight gain and a host of other issues.

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IgG F90 Food Sensitivity Test Only

IgG F90 is designed to discover the production of IgG antibodies against common foods.

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IgG F90 Food Sensitivity Test With Nutrition Guidance

IgG F90 is designed to discover the production of IgG antibodies against common foods.

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ALCAT Custom Build Your Own Panel

You will be walked through a series of 11 to 13 questions which allow us to make a  Custom ALCAT test that is super personalized for you. Answer each question and at the end you’ll have the perfect test.

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ALCAT Comprehensive Plus Test

This panel tests Everything & it comes with Nutritional Counseling. It provides you and your doctor the largest clinical picture to optimize your potential for the best clinical outcome for health and well being.


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ALCAT Comprehensive Test

This comprehensive test comes with every panel offered. It tests everything.

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ALCAT 200 Foods Test

This panel of 200 foods is the smallest panel recommended for patients who don’t go out of their way to eat organic.

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ALCAT 100 Foods Test

Basic panel for patients that are looking for general knowledge of food sensitivity for these 100 foods.

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Adrenal Testing

Salivary adrenal testing is a noninvasive way to have your the hormone produced by the adrenal glands tested. Improperly functioning adrenals can cause fatigue, weight gain and stress.

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MTHFR Gene Test

mthfr gene test Details What is a MTHFR Gene Test? The MTHFR nomenclature (methylenetetrahydro-folate reductase) stands for both the enzyme and the gene. If the gene has no mutation (wild type), the body can produce sufficient levels of functioning MTHFR enzyme to convert inactive folic acid to active folate (5-MTHF) to be used for the …

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Methylation Test

More than 50% of people are affected by genetic mutations in the methylation pathway.
Profile Selection.

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A Simple Blood Test is all you need to get customized nutrition.

We will arrange to send a registered nurse to your home for your blood draw. The nurse will send your specimen to our laboratory for analysis. There is no need for a doctor's visit.

Your results are sent directly to you. No one makes it as easy as we do. Plus, we offer better pricing. 

Preventle offers the most innovative home laboratory testing available. Choose the exact laboratory test you want from a myriad of salivary and blood test options to gain special insight into your health. No more guessing about food sensitivities or which nutritional program will benefit you the most.

Top Sellers

Telomere Length Test

telomere test on chromosomes

Telomere Length test Profile Details Why do a Telomere Length Test? Find out your biological age today. When you know …

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ALCAT 237 Foods Test

food samples on a table

This test is the full 237 basic food panel.  It is the most comprehensive Food Only panel offered.

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Nutritionist Hourly Support

ALCAT Test results

Buy the Right Amount of Time for the Support You Need

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Is Preventle At Home Testing Right for You?

Do you have food sensitivity and not know it?

Most people do have food intolerances and are completely unaware of it. More than 80% of people eat foods everyday that their bodies can't handle. Food sensitivity is a delayed reaction to foods that can cause significant discomfort, fatigue, weight gain and other issues. There are a wide range of symptoms related to food sensitivity. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Weight issues
  • Cramps
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Fatigue
  • IBS
  • Arthritis
  • Skin Disorders


We have the most comprehensive Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity screening tool available combining genetic, antibody and cellular testing in one.


Adrenal Stress Profile measures the affects of your stress hormone cortisol. It is an important indicator or how your body is dealing with stress.
Salivary testing is the best way to read cortisol levels because of the wide fluctuation throughout the day.

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Low sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Hair loss/thinning
  • Acne

Do you have Abnormal gene Mutations?

There are a number of mutations that can be found in the MTHFR gene.
These genes are responsible for eliminating certain toxins in the body and they are necessary for good health.