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Preventle is here – Helping You on the Road to Health and Wellness

Our clients are detail oriented business men and women that know they need to live a healthier lifestyle. They are looking for the best holistic approach to weight management, preventative nutrition, or assistance with managing chronic health issues through nutrition therapy.

Meet Our Team


Katherine Torres – Marketing Director

Katherine brings her talents from Bogota, Colombia where she has worked in digital market and promotion for over 10 years. Katherine decided to join preventle because of her strong belief in nutrition. She is responsible for getting the concept of prevention of disease through healthy lifestyle choices to our clients and their families.


Robert Zelaya – CEO / President

Throughout Robert’s 20 plus years in the medical industry, he noticed the overwhelming amount of money spent on managing chronic disease. As a medical coding and billing specialist, he was responsible to insure that insurance companies were being billed correctly for rendered services. Years of billing for medical procedures and medications that seemed to make little or no progress for patients, sparked an interest in Robert. He decided to further his education and pursue a degree in nutrition. The idea for Preventle was born with two goals in mind: bring the latest technology in laboratory testing and nutrition together to help reverse the effect of poor lifestyle decisions.


Andrea – Nutritionist / Physical Instructor

Andrea’s mission is to help adults and children conquer obesity and chronic diseases with nutrition and exercise. For the past several years, she has worked for the national WIC Program that helps new mothers’ to understand the importance of diet and exercise. Her position at Preventle is to explain food sensitivity testing and teach how to incorporate the test results in meal planning. She also teaches online fitness classes.

Preventle hsa clinical laboratory testing that offers an innovative look at how the immune system is responding to foods at the cellular level. This unique science provides a comprehensive tool for our clients to receive the best nutrition guidance available.

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Disclaimer:  All nutrition counseling and laboratory testing is done by the Cell Science Systems Corp.