Most Reliable ALCAT Tests - Cheaper!

Preventle has the #1 most complete and most reliable food intolerance tests available. We use only the highest quality labs. In addition, you get free expert help understanding your results from a real person with in depth nutritional knowledge and experience.

Other websites say they are 15% cheaper for a custom ALCAT Test, but we checked many of the other sites and it isn't true! We don't wait to spring the price on you until you push "order" either. Every step of the way you see how each panel's addition affects the price.


Change your Life

Ordering an ALCAT Test is the first step to a new lease on life. More often than not a self-diagnosis is incomplete or flat out wrong. For instance, have you stopped eating ice cream because every time you do there are consequences? If so, you might decide you have a milk sensitivity and so you give up all foods with milk, when in fact you may only be sensitive to a food additive found in some milk products.

The ALCAT Test identifies exactly what foods, chemicals or compounds you are sensitive to. Starting with this knowledge is the only way to develop a perfect diet plan. Do you gain weight on a low calorie diet? It could be specific foods that are  considered healthy. You deserve to be and feel healthier than you have ever been.

Basic Food only ALCAT Test Options

FOOD 100

$ 349
  • Great basic panel for patients looking for general knowledge of their food sensitivity

FOOD 200

$ 614
  • Recommended for patients who don't go out of their way to eat organic

FOOD 237

$ 705
  • The most complete food panel offered

order an alcat test for food sensitivities and inflammation

What is an ALCAT Test?

In Cell-Mediated immune stimulation, also known as the ALCAT test, a patient's white blood cells are challenged with various substances including foods, additives, coloring, and chemicals. By avoiding the foods and compounds identified on your results you will reduce inflammation and the issues caused by it. Also, with the ALCAT test results in hand, your doctors can pinpoint future potential health problems and do something about it now, all the while allowing you to continue eating foods you enjoy without worry.

Here at Preventle, you decide which groups of substances you want tested. We have several ALCAT Tests for foods only and a couple of ones that are more comprehensive. You can also create your own Custom ALCAT Test. It is fast, easy and less expensive than our competition.

Comprehensive ALCAT Test choices


$ 998
  • 237 Foods
  • 20 Food Additives/Colorings
  • 50 Functional Foods and Medicinal Herbs
  • 21 Molds
  • 20 Antibiotics & Anti-Inflammatory Agents
  • 10 Environmental Chemicals
  • FREE Results Review
  • Compare Panels


$ 908
  • 200 Foods
  • 20 Food Additives/Colorings
  • 50 Functional Foods and Medicinal Herbs
  • 21 Molds
  • 20 Antibiotics & Anti-Inflammatory Agents
  • 10 Environmental Chemicals
  • FREE Results Review
  • Compare Panels

Scientific Case Studies on Following the ALCAT Diet

Eating foods that your body has a sensitivity to leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to a host of other issues. For some people, eating certain foods means gaining weight on low calorie diets, for others it means migraines. It is nearly impossible to know which foods, food additives, molds, spices, herbs or over the counter medications cause issues for you specifically without ALCAT testing.

"Eating right" is a lot more complicated than eating healthy. Only 2 people in 10 don't have any food sensitivities or intolerances. There is at least an 80% chance that you do have some kind of negative reaction caused by the foods you eat all the time. Here are a few case studies that show what can happen when people avoid the foods that their bodies can't handle perfectly.

The ALCAT Test

A Guide and Barometer in the Therapy of environmental and Food Sensitivities

Scientific Studies on the Validity of the ALCAT Test

The ALCAT Test provides results with proven validity. Here are a handful of results from scientific studies on the ALCAT test itself.

Do More than Eat Healthy, Eat Right

Who knows what can happen when you stop eating foods that your body wasn't designed to handle? Will you lose weight? Stop hurting? It can be a whole new you.