Test for Methylation of DNA

Can't think clearly? Tired all the time?
It could be a Methylation of DNA problem.

Processes and Detoxification
Test for Methylation of DNA

Foggy thinking? No energy? It might be because you are experiencing methylation of DNA. A simple, easy to order blood test is what you need. Methylation of DNA happens with methyl groups get added into your DNA. The consequences can be small or large since the methylation process is directly responsible for getting nutrients into you and turning them into energy. The effects depend on the level to which those processes have been altered.

Methylation is a very crucial process that happens in every one of your cells. When it isn't working right you literally can't think as well, you can't fight off infections or process toxins out of your body. Methylation of DNA is linked to a wide range of unwanted effects, from premature aging to diabetes to cancer and more. Find out today and get on the right road to recovery.


How Methylation of DNA Effects You

What else happens when your methylation is off? It is linked to everything from diabetes to cancer and even bipolar disorder. The list of health issues related to the methylation process is too extensive to list here. Order your methylation test now and we'll schedule a registered nurse to come to your home. When you get the results, we'll spend a half hour together going over them.

We want you to be your healthiest and to understand how to use your methylation blood test results to get there. Order here and know you won't have to interpret complex results on your own.

Our Advanced Test gives You 6 Tests in 1

Foggy thinking? No energy? It might be because you are experiencing methylation of DNA.


This tests for mutations in the MTHFR gene. Mutations in this gene are implicated in a wide variety of health issues.


This test checks for the enzyme methionine synthase (MS). Mutations in this gene are tied to many cardiovascular diseases, neurological and metabolic conditions, and certain cancers.


Is vital to maintain optimal methylation potential. Mutations in this gene are tied with severe myopathies, developmental delays, and hypermethioninemia.


COMT is a vital gene involved in methylation and if it mutates plays a role in many disorders such as estrogen-induced cancers, Parkinson’s disease, depression, hypertension, neurological problems, and maintaining a proper balance in your neurotransmitters.


Elevated homocysteine levels are documented risk factors for many chronic diseases especially cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and many neurodegenerative disorders.


This test checks your methionine synthase reductase (MSR). If your MSR is not functioning correctly this can lead to an increase in the risks of developing many cancers, Parkinson’s disease, depression, hypertension, and other conditions.

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