Adrenal Testing


Salivary adrenal testing is a noninvasive way to have your the hormone produced by the adrenal glands tested. Improperly functioning adrenals can cause fatigue, weight gain and stress.

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Adrenal hormone testing is an inexpensive way to test for cortisol levels in your salivary glands. Hormones are important to monitor because they affect the way we feel from day to day. If our hormones are not properly balanced you can experience fatigue and weight gain among other symptoms that have negative effects on your health. Cortisol is a hormone with many different functions. One of the major functions of cortisol is to help the body manage stress. Adrenal Stress management is important for your overall well being. Stress can lead to hypertension and an increased risk for sickness. When cortisol levels are too high or too low, they  impact our health and our ability to retain newly learned knowledge. For this reason, it is a great test for students of all ages.

Salivary adrenal testing is a noninvasive way to have your hormones checked. It does not require a blood draw like standard hormone testing. Another advantage is the degree of accuracy over blood testing.  Testing hormones levels in the blood in only valid at the time the blood was drawn. Salivary is taken multiple times throughout the day to give a precise measurement of how your hormones fluctuate. This gives your doctor valuable information on the averages of cortisol levels. The salivary specimen can be taken at your own convenience and mailed directly to our laboratory for analysis.


What is the Salivary Adrenal Testing Stress Profile?

The salivary Adrenal Testing Stress Profile monitors the impact chronic stress has on the functioning of the adrenal glands’ cyclical release of cortisol and DHEA. It measures only the free circulating portion of both cortisol and DHEA and as per the (National Institutes of Health) NIH and (World Health Organization) WHO is a highly accurate and validated test easily taken via saliva in multiple samplings throughout the day and night if need be.

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