Telomere Length Test


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Why do a Telomere Length Test?

Find out your biological age today. When you know that, you’ll know what changes you need to make to look younger and avoid raising your potential for diseases like cancer. Get reassurance that you’ve lead a healthy lifestyle so you can stop worrying or get confirmation that big changes are needed, asap! Have a healthier future. We’ll meet when your tests are in and we’ll guide you in how to use the information so you can start on the road today to looking younger and feeling better.

Telomeres are repeating non-coding sequences of DNA found at the ends of our chromosomes. They allow our cells to divide without dropping genes essential for life. In this way, they are prime indicators of aging. They have been compared to the aglets or plastic tips found at the ends of shoelaces or the wire nuts used to protect and hold spliced electrical wires together. These DNA sequences are responsible for what has been termed the Hayflick Limit; the top number of divisions a human cell can have before it stops replicating, becoming senescent or apoptotic. This process actually protects us from unrestrained cellular division and, potentially, from cancer.

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