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For a long time it has been known that the only way to prolong your life is to be moderate in life. A moderate lifestyle includes regular physical exercise and avoidance of unhealthy foods. While this advice is good for our general health, it is not the only thing that influences our longevity and aging.

Scientists have found that telomerase, the caps at the end of the chromosomes, determines the aging process of your cells. You can easily have order telomere testing right here.


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Telomere Length

Once a cell is damaged, the neighboring cells bring in the regenerative stem cells to divide and make a replacement of the damaged cell. Long telomeres help the neighboring cells to keep on regenerating every time a cell needs to be replaced.


Short Telomeres

Telomeres is one of the mechanisms that is responsible for the aging of cells through their shortening. Telomeres are also inversely correlated with the likelihood of developing cancer later in life. People with little telomeres are three times more likely to develop cancer than people without.


Too Long Telomeres

However, on the flipside, too much of telomerase enzyme that lengthens the telomerase produces as bad results as the short telomeres. In the case of cancer, it can make the cancer cells immortal and hard to eliminate in the body. While it is not a cause and effect relationship, too low and too high amounts of telomerase are bad.

Look Younger

For ages, man has been looking for ways to reverse the aging process with the solution being elusive for many years. However, there has been great progress recently. Aging takes place at the cellular level. Cellular aging involves the exhaustion of the cell such that it can no longer divide and cannot function as it should.